SORARA BUTTERFLY Canvas | Sand | 400 x 400 cm | Weather Resistant

SORARA BUTTERFLY Canvas | Sand | 400 x 400 cm | Weather Resistant

  1. EASY TO INSTALL | The Butterfly canvas is solely for the 400 x 400 Butterfly pavilion, and made in such a way it is incredibly easy to install. The elastic bands take away the need for any additional tools to attach the canvas to your frame.
  2. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL | The canvas is very resistant to water and UV due to its high grade material and PU-coating. This meets the qualifications of the Australian legislation.
  3. DIMENSIONS 400 x 400 cm
  4. PREMIUM 2 YEAR WARRANTY | We trust that our products will give you many years of enjoyment, because of this we promise a 2 year warranty on each of our products.

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Very Exclusive Canvas for the “Butterfly”

This canvas is specifically made for the Red Dot Award winning model, the Butterfly 400 x 400 Pavilion. With a refined design to provide shading for your terrace, patio or veranda in a simple yet elegant way. This canvas provides protection against the burning sun as well as UV-radiation, AND, is waterproof, so your outdoor furniture can remain protected as well. The design of the Butterfly has accounted for all this, and water won’t remain on the canvas because of it. This product is only the Canvas.