PE Fence

  1. LIGHTWEIGHT MESH SAFETY NETTING: Comes to your rescue when you’re in need of instant skirting around gardens, seeded lawns, newly laid concrete sidewalks, or freshly painted surfaces that are easily reachable. This product is easy to cut to make it exactly the right size that you need.
  2. VIBRANT VISUAL BARRIER: Great for establishing a secondary fence for landscaping purposes, protecting flowerbeds and gardens from being trampled on. Or, put it up to keep toddlers away from your pool and other unsavory areas of your yard.
  3. EASY TO INSTALL/REMOVE: Best used with metal T-Posts or wooden stakes positioned a few metres apart to prevent sagging and collapsing caused from wind stress, animal gnawing, and pressure from snow build up. Just as simple to remove, roll up, and stow away for future use.
  4. PERFECT LENGTH: An economic alternative for those who lack the time or funds for building a traditional fence. Multifunctional enough for crowd control use at sporting events, concerts, festivals, carnivals, and other social gatherings where distinct visual barriers are necessary.

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You can use the SORARA Barrier / Fences for a lot of different applications:
1) Lawn/garden;
2) Construction work;
3) Environmental- and landscape applications;
4) Agricultural- and industrial applications.

And more:
– Events;
– Construction Work;
– Warehouses;
– Parkings;
– Hazardous Areas;
– Poultry Areas;
– Pet Areas;
– Road Works Signalisation;
– Agriculture Separation;
– Packaging Purpose;

The SORARA Barrier / Fences are made of recycled plastic, because we – as Outdoor Living company – have respect for nature.

– Overall size: 1.20 x 30 or 0.60 x 7.6 m;
– Mesh size: 83 x 60 mm;
– Color: Green or Orange;
– Materials: Recycled PE;

Recommended retail price: is different p/variation  (check Amazon or for actual discount price)

Manual included
Required tools included

Delivery & Packaging

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