Our commitment to sustainability


Reduced ecological impact and responsibly built products.
  • Water

Water is quite an issue in the production of our goods. A lot of water is required when producing steel, while steel must be rinsed and degreased. As a result, all chemicals get into the water. Nowadays, we ensure that this polluted water is purified in our own factory. The water is regenerated here to drinking water quality.

  • PE waste

We regenerate polyethylene (PE) drinking water bottles for the production of fabrics, especially polyester, and all plastic parts of our products. We collect and grind PE to make raw material (pellets), which we then use for:

– producing all plastic parts for our parasols;

– our WPC and PE tiles and grass deposits. For the WPC tiles, the raw material is mixed with sawing waste. No trees are felled for this, but waste is used that would otherwise be burned. We use this wood waste to make new products;

– our molding machines;

– our packaging material.

In addition, part of this raw material is returned to the industry, where it is used to make polyester cloth. To do this, we remove the environmentally polluting stuff from the market, turn it into raw material and then supply it to production companies.

  • Packaging

Our cardboard is made of such quality that the boxes are suitable as a storage box for the consumer. Our cardboard does not necessarily have to end up in the waste paper, but it could also be used for years to properly store our products again in the winter.

We also use a minimum number of staples in our cardboard. We glue as much of our packaging cardboard as possible with a water-based adhesive.

  • Reduce carbon footprint

We try to get all our packaging below 1.50m, or at least below 1.70m. If we can bring it to customers more efficiently with parcel services, our CO2 footprint will decrease.

  • Recyclable 

All parasols and party tents in our assortment are 100% recyclable.

  • Returns

We have a program not to have our returns destroyed, but we give them a second life. You will find second-chance products in our outlet.

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