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What are the differences between the types of Mirador?

There are three different types of Mirador in our range: Basic, Classic and Deluxe. See the table below for the differences.

Compare all Miradors

Model Sizes Frame Louvres Legs Color Accessories Guarantee Height
Mirador Basic 3x3M Aluminium Steel 88 mm Anthracite and White
2 years 2.40m
Mirador Classic 3x3M 3x4M Aluminium Steel 111 mm Anthracite and White
2 years 2.50m
Mirador Deluxe 3x3M 3x3.6M 3.6x3.6M 3x4M 3x6M Aluminium Aluminium 111 mm Anthracite and White
5 years 2.50m

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