The Sorara Mirador Pergola is designed for changing weather conditions and it also extends your outdoor season. Due to the tilting louvred roof system, the Mirador Pergola allows you to sit in the shade or sun, but you can immediately switch to a fully waterproof roof when it starts to rain.

Extending the outdoor season

The Mirador Pergola can resistant wind forces up to 120 Km/h and snow. Please keep in mind: in the snow season (or in case of snow forecast) open up your shutters in the vertical position to avoid any damage to your pergola.

The canopy is supplied with expansion bolts for attachment to the ground. The Mirador must be mounted on a solid base, for example by placing concrete foundations (or large heavy patio tiles). Make sure that the covering is installed perpendicular and level.

Award-winning design

With its sleek and smooth, award-winning design, the Mirador Pergola creates a beautiful atmosphere. It’s a great combination of comfort and functionality. Detached or attached to an existing building, the perfect extension of your indoor living space.

The frame is made of high-quality aluminum and the tilting louvred roof of galvanized steel, making the Mirador Pergola a solid construction. It is easy to assemble and operate. Available in different sizes and different colors, The ideal ready-to-use solution for your patio.

Installation video

Maintenance free

The ideal extension

Our Sorara Mirador pergola is the ideal extension of your living space indoors! The strong and sturdy stainless aluminium frame is completely maintenance free, once installed in the garden.

Drainage system

100% water resistant

The Mirador collection is 100% water resistant and features an innovative integrated water drainage system. Our Miradors are extremely easy to assemble and operate, the ideal solution for your patio or garden.

Mirador Basic

Mirador is an international award-winning product design that brings a modern flare to your outdoor living space.

Mirador Classic

The Sorara Mirador is constructed of a powder coated aluminum frame and has a patented product design.

Mirador Deluxe

The Mirador Deluxe provides plenty of room and shade for your outdoor living space, patio, spa, or outdoor BBQ area.

Mirador Louvre Wall

The Louvre Wall is an accessory that provides a privacy wall option and the ability to block sunlight in your pergola.

Mirador Pull Down Screen

Whether you are looking for additional privacy or a wind break, Mirador’s pull down screen system is the perfect choice.

Mirador Wall

The Mirador Wall can easily be attached to a home or other fixed structure, to convey the comfort of the indoors to the outside.

Mirador installation

Do you want to have your Mirador installed by professionals? This can be done. We have outsourced this to so that the installation is done safely and reliably.

Sustainable company

Want to know more about our sustainability goals? Read all about it on our sustainability page. On this page you will find our commitment to shaping a better world.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our Miradors or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone, email and live chat.

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