Protective covers for garden furniture in winter

“Can my garden furniture be outside in the winter?” is a question we often hear. The answer is simple: yes, for sure! In principle, garden furniture can remain outside, as it is made for that. Read below what you can do to ensure that your garden furniture lasts as long as possible and remains beautiful.

External factors such as sunlight and frost can affect the condition and lifespan of your outdoor furniture. Do you not feel like a complete migration of your outdoor furniture or simply have no place to store everything? Then a protective cover may be the solution. It is advisable to use a suitable and high-quality protective cover to optimally protect your outdoor furniture.

Our covers

The protective covers from SORARA Outdoor Living consist entirely of polyester with a PU coating. This makes them primarily weather-resistant and water-repellent. The protective covers are extremely suitable to protect your garden furniture against dirt and external influences. The protective cover keeps the furniture a lot cleaner and in better condition than when it is outside without a protective cover. That saves a lot of cleaning work if you want to use it again in the spring. With a protective cover, the furniture continues to look better and its lifespan is considerably extended.

    1. Clean the garden furniture before it hibernates.
    2. The drier the garden furniture is before you put a cover over it, the better.
    3. Make sure that the protective cover does not reach the ground, the open space provides ventilation.
    4. Covers are never 100% waterproof. Make sure that no water remains on the cover. Drape the cover in such a way that the water can run off. The covers are water resistant, but cannot withstand an ample amount of water for quite some time.
    5. Teak tables should not be placed under covers unless there is enough room to breathe. Place the cover always with the chairs under the cover or ensure that the cover is not tight on the table top, this can cause moss or mold.
    6. It is not recommended to store polyester cushions (for example from a lounge set) under the protective cover. Special pillow bags are available to safely store these pillows.

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