SORARA Weights 4 pack

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Beautiful plastic elements that perfectly match your precious cantilever parasol. We recommend filling the four elements with wet sand or stones / pebbles. The total weight will then be approximately 80 kilos. The parasol tiles are completely maintenance-free and suitable for practically any floating parasol with a cross base.

✓ Completely maintenance free
✓ Easy to fill
✓ No more hideous concrete tiles needed
✓ A permanently beautiful asset


– Colour: Black;
– Shape: 4x triangle;
– Material: PE;
– Dimensions total (square): 76 (L) x 76 (W) x 10 cm (H). Dimensions per piece (triangle): 70 (long sides) x 45 (2 short sides) x 10 cm (H);
– Product weight: 6kg (80kg when filled with sand);
– Due to safety reasons cannot be filled with water.

Includes manual.
Includes tools to mount the product (if necessary).

  • GOOD STABILITY | Distributed evenly, maximum combined weight of 40 kg when filled with sand
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL | Excellent for use with most Banana style hanging parasols and cantilever parasols with metal cross frames.
  • SET OF FOUR | Fillable with Sand or Gravel, each piece can hold up to 10 kg
  • DIMENSIONS | 76 (L) x 76 (W) x 10 cm (H). Dimensions per piece (triangle): 70 (long sides) x 45 (2 short sides) x 10 cm (H)
  • WARRANTY | 2 year warranty. Please fill in your personal data completely and correctly

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